Event: Diffusamente14 in musica by David Fattibene

Un ringraziamento speciale a Madiana Zigliani, Roberto Olzer, Riccardo Cerutti & Marco Rainelli che hanno voluto partecipare a Diffusamente14!
L'amore per l'arte in tutte le sue forme, per la bellezza riempie gli occhi e il cuore di gioia e stupore.
E' un dono prezioso poter condividere tutto questo, vi aspettiamo per Diffusamente15! GRAZIE!

Event: DIFFUSAMENTE14 by David Fattibene

Un ringraziamento speciale a tutti gli artisti che hanno voluto partecipare a Diffusamente14 e a quanti, nonostante le innumerevoli manifestazioni presenti sul territorio, hanno scelto noi!
L'amore per l'arte in tutte le sue forme, per la bellezza riempie gli occhi e il cuore di gioia e stupore.
E' un dono prezioso poter condividere tutto questo, vi aspettiamo per Diffusamente15! GRAZIE!

Event: Serate di Gola 2014 by David Fattibene

Protagonisti delle serate i prodotti dei consorzi di tutela e delle associazioni dei produttori che in questi anni la Camera di Commercio ha contribuito a far nascere e crescere: i mieli del Consorzio Tutela e Garanzia Mieli del VCO, i salumi dell’Associazione Brisaula della Val d’Ossola, i formaggi dell’associazione Craver Formaggi Caprini del VCO e, per la prima volta, i piccoli frutti della neonata associazione Blu Frutti


Back to Basics: Thoughts on the Photographer's Block by David Fattibene

Few weeks ago we spent a nice weekend in the Monferrato Region (South of Piedmont, Italy), this countryside area is really beautiful with vineyards everywhere.

I had experienced a small photography's block and watching again the few pictures taken during those two days these reasons came into my mind

  1. No preparation before the weekend (aka no subjects in mind, no specific story to tell) 
  2. Due to point 1 we spent to much time in the car than walking around to get inspiration and we were not able to understand where we should stay during the golden hours.
  3. It was the first time there, which imply the POINT 1 is a MUST :)

This shoot is taken with my iPhone which represent my typical Photography's Block condition, I was just lazy to take out my DSLR

On sunday morning we had a nice visit of Uviglie Castle and its winery, it was very interesting and only at the end I've taken some pictures. Next time I have to shoot, to imagine a subject and then transform it in sequence of photos.

Tips from the blogosphere with some personal comments (below the links)

  1. Go Out and Shoot > Some times it isn't enough, it happens to come back home with nothing anyway, there is a time, a mood to be found.
  2. Get out from your comfort zone > Shoot people, this is tricky
  3. Restrict yourself (i.e. Find a Color, Use only a fix lens, etc ...) > This is great, so many times I bring my 7-8kg of photographic materials and I end up shooting only with my 50mm
  4. Shoot feelings
  5. Shoot street photography > this is the easiest one, then getting great result out of them is another story
  6. Shoot Technical Photography That You Haven’t Tried Before
  7. Go somewhere new > BUT > Prepare yourself
  8. Collaborate
  9. Became a mentor > it is nice to share your knowledge, and to challenge yourself explaining what is so obvious for you.
  10. Try new gear > Unfortunately this is great, I'm not a GEAR ADDICTED guy, but I'm still an engineer. We can spend hours discussing on the quote " GEAR doesn't Matter ", but good gears in good hands will make a great job.

Some additional tips that came out in my mind and are 

  1. Keep a list of photographic's ideas, personally I forget nearly 70% of the ideas
  2. Prepare yourself and pre-visualize the results you want to get on the field, then it might happen that you will do something completely different
  3. Keep imagination running > point 2 in a daily basis, it is a personal attitude to prevent photographer's block, you will always see something interesting to shoot
  4. Add some graphic elements on your pictures, like billboards or advertisements
  5. There are days where it is really better to do something else, just as simple as that

Here the source's blog post that can help when you are feeling some photographic's block

Of course saying is one thing, doing is another (straight translation from an Italian saying)

L'arte in Kantiere: Lei non sa chi sono io by David Fattibene

"Lei non sa chi sono io" is a small project that would like to show some of the great young people behind Kantiere's Associations. They are all deeply involved in social projects such as education, legality and promotion of the local realities.

This year, among many other events, they are participating to Sentiero D'Arte, an international art exhibition in Trarego (VB, Italy) and I had the chance to be invited so I decided to prepare a series of "simple" portrait of this great new generation.

Lei non sa chi sono io @Sentiero D'Arte

Hiking: Monte Faie' by David Fattibene

Fifteen minutes away from Verbania, Monte Faie' is a nice hike with very beautiful trees and panorama (http://www.davidfattibene.com/blog/2013/1/7/hicking-02-monte-faie)

My Self taken by Federica Fili

My Self taken by Federica Fili

The way up to Monte Faie'

The way up to Monte Faie'

Travel: Apulia Lecce & Gallipoli by David Fattibene


Lecce is a historic city of 95,200 inhabitants in southern Italy, the capital of the province of Lecce, the second province in the region by population, as well as one of the most important cities of Puglia. It is the main city of the Salentine Peninsula, a sub-peninsula at the heel of the Italian Peninsula and is over 2,000 years old

Because of the rich Baroque architectural monuments found in the city, Lecce is commonly nicknamed "The Florence of the South". 

source: Wikipedia


Gallipoli (Greek: Kallipolis (Καλλίπολις), meaning "Beautiful City") is a town and comune of 20,969 inhabitants in the province of Lecce, in Apulia, southern Italy. The old town is located on a limestone island, linked to the mainland by a bridge built in the 16th century.

source: Wikipedia

Travel: Apulia Landscapes by David Fattibene

Apulia is a region of Italy in Southern Italy bordering the Adriatic Sea in the east, the Ionian Sea to the southeast, and the Strait of Otranto and Gulf of Taranto in the south. Its southernmost portion, known as Salento peninsula, forms a high heel on the "boot" of Italy.

We have found some of the most beautiful seasides in Italy

Back to Basics: Flash Photography #3 by David Fattibene

Here the third attempt, with a split light setup and blue/red gels


Technik Point

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 19.49.51.png
  • Flash configuration: Split Light
  • SB910 on right with Blue Gel
  • SB600 on the left with Red Gel & Umbrella






Playing with White Balance

One day I will write my own essay on "why we should always shoot RAW", but this is an other story. The shoots below are the same as before, the only difference is where I have picked the white balance (in these pictures directly on my jumper white lace). 

Next time I will try on open air in order to give a different color on the background.