Valle Intrasca 2016 Marathon by David Fattibene

Corsa in montagna a squadre di due atleti.
Km 35,030 con dislivello di m 1.634 tra i Lago Maggiore e il Rifugio CAI Verbano Pian Cavallone.

Personal Website Re-Design by David Fattibene

After 2 years I've decided to Re-Design my personal website in two steps:

  1. Choose a cleaner template
  2. Re-Organize the galleries following more my actual photography style

Below you will find the biggest change in the template, the galleries are "in progress" this means that every week there will be some little improvements & changes

Rolling Cover Page with direct access to Personal Work or Personal Blog only accessible from the link

Rolling Cover Page with direct access to Personal Work or Personal Blog only accessible from the link

Personal Work access page with fullscreen pictures and drop-down menu which will easy the website navigation

Gallery page are designed horizontally, the aim is to always let the viewer discover the next picture and increase the readability of the photographic projects. 

Just some minor improvements in the blog page, Search Box, Tags, latest Instagram photos & latest blog posts

Happy new photographic year to everybody

L'arte in Kantiere: Lei non sa chi sono io by David Fattibene

"Lei non sa chi sono io" is a small project that would like to show some of the great young people behind Kantiere's Associations. They are all deeply involved in social projects such as education, legality and promotion of the local realities.

This year, among many other events, they are participating to Sentiero D'Arte, an international art exhibition in Trarego (VB, Italy) and I had the chance to be invited so I decided to prepare a series of "simple" portrait of this great new generation.

Lei non sa chi sono io @Sentiero D'Arte

Back to Basics: Flash Photography #3 by David Fattibene

Here the third attempt, with a split light setup and blue/red gels


Technik Point

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 19.49.51.png
  • Flash configuration: Split Light
  • SB910 on right with Blue Gel
  • SB600 on the left with Red Gel & Umbrella






Playing with White Balance

One day I will write my own essay on "why we should always shoot RAW", but this is an other story. The shoots below are the same as before, the only difference is where I have picked the white balance (in these pictures directly on my jumper white lace). 

Next time I will try on open air in order to give a different color on the background.

Back to Basics: Flash Photography #2 by David Fattibene

Here the second attempt, focusing on Butterfly Light, Side Light with one and two speed lights (See below the pictures the Flash Diagram. 

This time I have chosen a portrait orientation and the orange wall in my dining room, the special one with the bowl and the knife is a special thanks to Alessandro Vecchi and his "Don Chisciotte...keep fighting..." which I found really inspirational


Below the Lighting Diagram, I have putted together the 3 schemas

  1. Butterfly Light use only the SB660 + Umbrella in frontal position
  2. Side Light with one or 2 speedlights
Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 21.55.52.png

Back to Basics: Flash Photography #1 by David Fattibene

These days in northern Italy is pouring rain, so I've decided that is the good time for "Back to Basics". Just take the time for testing different lighting configuration and lighting modifiers (Softbox, Umbrella & Reflector)

I'm not focusing on correct posing of best background, one step per time, my aim is to put everything together within 2 or 3 blog post, stay tuned.

Technik Point

One Flash Setup

  • Key Light: Umbrella diffuser + SB600
  • Fill Light: Silver Reflector


Two Flash Setup

  • Key Light: Umbrella diffuser + SB600
  • Fill Light: Silver Reflector
  • Back Light: SB910

iPhone Home Button by David Fattibene

It happened 2 days ago, after 5 year of glorious usage. Anyway, it gave me the opportunity to try and improve the light painting technique (Check out DPMagazine Video on Youtube)

iPhone 3G  (2008 - 2013)

Technik Point

Ingredients: Dark Background, Led Lamp, Light modifier (Blue Gel used for speedlights), Tripod

  1. Set the micro studio scene & put the camera on the tripod
  2. Camera settings: Manual Focus mode, 6" f16, ISO100, 2sec timer to avoid camera shake
  3. Adjust the composition & pre-visualize the shoot
  4. Press the shutter and "paint" with the led lamp (check the video below from DPMagazine
  5. Repeat several time till you get it right

For the shoot above it took me around 30 shoots plus a little post-processing in LR

Al Kantiere non si skappa by David Fattibene

Beginning of the 2014 season of the Kantiere Association.  

Technik Point

Two speed lights with umbrella & soft box to get smoother shadows


Corsica Mountain Panorama by David Fattibene

The path toward Punta a Vacca Morta is really nice, inside the Pino Laricio Forest. Arrived to the top there is a Fantastic view on the both sides of Corsica.

Technik Point

  • Camera hand held in Vertical position
  • Overlap 20% of each photo
  • Post process one photo in LR, then sync the settings
  • Export to Photoshop and then PhotoMerge
  • Back inside LR library for fine tuning. 

Cover Story #05 - Varigotti's Beach by David Fattibene

Back from Corsica holidays, we arrived at Savona at 7am and then we decided to stay in Varigotti to enjoy the last day. The storm was coming and no one was there, only few umbrellas.

Varigotti's Beach

Technik Point

In LR4:

  • Lens correction to get a straight horizon
  • B&W Mix (to get the umbrella white, original is orange)
  • Clarity +60
  • Contrast +60
  • 2x Graduated filter (one for the Sky with exp. comp. -0.66, and one for the beach with exp. comp +0.33) 
  • Normal sharpening

Thanks to the fantastic RAW file created by the Nikon D600 is possible to over process the photo. 

Gear Review - Lens Hood by David Fattibene

Here my last purchase, the Nikon HR-2 Lens Hood for my beloved 50mm f1.4. At the beginning I bought it mainly as a protection, then as soon as I mounted it I really got amazed by the collapsible system.

In few words: 

  • Good protection for the lens (Soft Rubber)
  • Very Compact, you will never remove from the camera

I've just find a video in German, by the way I think it is largely enough to understand this little accessory

Stories #01 - ALICUCIO by David Fattibene

Sicilian artist, born in 1977, Arcangelo Favata took his degree in sculpture at the “Academy of Fine Arts” of Catania. In 2002 he was mentioned for a thesis titled “DAL RIFIUTO ALL'AMORE PER LE COSE” (“FROM RUBBISH TO LOVE FOR THINGS ”).

For him the concept of rubbish does not exist in nature, because everything can have another life. This is the idea which his seats are based on, completely built recycling and assembling obsolete materials found in the streets of Torino, where he has been living for a couple of years.

So, recycled wood platforms found in supermarkets become furnishing elements, like the “Pallet” seat; waste wood (chipboard, multilayer, plywood, laminated wood, etc...) become a tribute seat to Paul Klee; and in the spirit of a seat can take shape an old chest of drawers, whose memory is preserved by its original elements.



Half of the shots were taken using the available light, the studio has 2 big windows that create a beautiful diffused light, the remaining ones (especially the ones where Arcangelo is working) were taken with 2 speedlights (one umbrella and one bounced on the background)

Technik #03 - Spinning with SpeedLights by David Fattibene

Here some shots from last Sunday, a quick 30min session with Maurizio (The Spinning Trainer).

Maurizio Merisi The Professional Spinning Trainer


  • 2x Speed lights using CLS System
  • 1x Umbrella
  • Nikon D600 with 28-105 in manual mode

Technik #02 - Backlight Portrait by David Fattibene

Federica's portrait with strong sunlight in the background. The main idea was to replicate the billboard aka commercials advertisements using one reflector, pumping the post-processing & the right modeling attitude (and for this Federica is really good :) )

This pictures had also the intent to test the reflector over with a stand up model. The conclusion is that it might be a little small, for this type of photography the bigger model will be really appreciated.


  1. Clarity (+50) in order to get a quick impression
  2. Cropping Square
  3. Brush Stroke over the body to increase the exposure (+0.33)
  4. Push the White Slider to increase the overall luminosity

Plus other small tweaks..

Post-Processing #03 - Before/After Portrait by David Fattibene

During one of the photowalk done in Beijing downtown, this time I was together with Photographer Francesco Gregori (direct link).


Since the moment I took the photo the post processing idea was quite clear in my mind, let try to push contrast and clarity to get a more dramatic effect

  1. Contrast +43
  2. Saturation -14 & Vibrance -23 (plus a selective desaturation on the Orange Channel)
  3. Clarity +20
  4. Tone Curve: Sligth S Curve

For better experience you can find the picture at the following link:

Technik #01 - Lastolite Trigrip First Impression by David Fattibene


I've finally decided to buy a reflector, I've wondered for several weeks, then I've found a good deal on amazon, a couple of clicks and few days later I've received it. i have choosen the Lastolite Trigrip for a simple reason, it seamed to me clever to have an hadle to hold it during shooting sessions.

The tricky part is to learn how to fold it, last sunday I did it twice in a row.. but honestly I have no clue how to repeat it... will see next time.


The shoots in this post  are taken using the Lastolite Trigrip on the floor leaning on my legs, keeping the sun on the subject's shoulder in order to highlight the hair and create a separation with the background.

As shown above it is very effective  the result are as expected with a slightly warm dominant due to the Sunfire side.

Next time I might post the same picture taken with the Sunfire side and Silver Side to highlight the difference, stay tuned