L'arte in Kantiere: Lei non sa chi sono io by David Fattibene

"Lei non sa chi sono io" is a small project that would like to show some of the great young people behind Kantiere's Associations. They are all deeply involved in social projects such as education, legality and promotion of the local realities.

This year, among many other events, they are participating to Sentiero D'Arte, an international art exhibition in Trarego (VB, Italy) and I had the chance to be invited so I decided to prepare a series of "simple" portrait of this great new generation.

Lei non sa chi sono io @Sentiero D'Arte

iPhone Home Button by David Fattibene

It happened 2 days ago, after 5 year of glorious usage. Anyway, it gave me the opportunity to try and improve the light painting technique (Check out DPMagazine Video on Youtube)

iPhone 3G  (2008 - 2013)

Technik Point

Ingredients: Dark Background, Led Lamp, Light modifier (Blue Gel used for speedlights), Tripod

  1. Set the micro studio scene & put the camera on the tripod
  2. Camera settings: Manual Focus mode, 6" f16, ISO100, 2sec timer to avoid camera shake
  3. Adjust the composition & pre-visualize the shoot
  4. Press the shutter and "paint" with the led lamp (check the video below from DPMagazine
  5. Repeat several time till you get it right

For the shoot above it took me around 30 shoots plus a little post-processing in LR

Stories #01 - ALICUCIO by David Fattibene

Sicilian artist, born in 1977, Arcangelo Favata took his degree in sculpture at the “Academy of Fine Arts” of Catania. In 2002 he was mentioned for a thesis titled “DAL RIFIUTO ALL'AMORE PER LE COSE” (“FROM RUBBISH TO LOVE FOR THINGS ”).

For him the concept of rubbish does not exist in nature, because everything can have another life. This is the idea which his seats are based on, completely built recycling and assembling obsolete materials found in the streets of Torino, where he has been living for a couple of years.

So, recycled wood platforms found in supermarkets become furnishing elements, like the “Pallet” seat; waste wood (chipboard, multilayer, plywood, laminated wood, etc...) become a tribute seat to Paul Klee; and in the spirit of a seat can take shape an old chest of drawers, whose memory is preserved by its original elements.



Half of the shots were taken using the available light, the studio has 2 big windows that create a beautiful diffused light, the remaining ones (especially the ones where Arcangelo is working) were taken with 2 speedlights (one umbrella and one bounced on the background)

Technik #03 - Spinning with SpeedLights by David Fattibene

Here some shots from last Sunday, a quick 30min session with Maurizio (The Spinning Trainer).

Maurizio Merisi The Professional Spinning Trainer


  • 2x Speed lights using CLS System
  • 1x Umbrella
  • Nikon D600 with 28-105 in manual mode