Cover Story #05 - Varigotti's Beach by David Fattibene

Back from Corsica holidays, we arrived at Savona at 7am and then we decided to stay in Varigotti to enjoy the last day. The storm was coming and no one was there, only few umbrellas.

Varigotti's Beach

Technik Point

In LR4:

  • Lens correction to get a straight horizon
  • B&W Mix (to get the umbrella white, original is orange)
  • Clarity +60
  • Contrast +60
  • 2x Graduated filter (one for the Sky with exp. comp. -0.66, and one for the beach with exp. comp +0.33) 
  • Normal sharpening

Thanks to the fantastic RAW file created by the Nikon D600 is possible to over process the photo. 

The Best Camera is ... #03 - Take Out You Gear! by David Fattibene

Yesterday evening, coming back home, I still had my D600 on my shoulder, the tripod was just over there and the moon was somewhere else... thus I really took out my gear, did a couple of tests (around 20") in order to check the composition, then I seted the camera exposure on Bulb... and "forget it". 


  • Exposure Time 320"
  • Aperture f4
  • Postprocessing in LR (pumping contrast & clarity)