The Best Camera is ... #02 - FIAT 500 Abarth by David Fattibene

The Best Camera is... the one you have with you... and let me tell you more, the one you have around your neck...

This time the lucky camera was the D600, not exactly an everyday fancy tool (aka mirrorless, compact, phone etc etc), by the way it was hanging around my neck, that was the crucial point.

FIAT 500 Abarth

TechniK Point

The original idea was to get a shot of a modern iconic italian car and then postprocess it in order to highlight the wonderful side shape

  • Desaturated all colors except the REDs
  • Clarity +100
  • Adjustment brush over the wall (Clarity -100, Sharpening -100)
  • Little sharpening... 24Mpix are largely enough

 In order to get the best results PS is clearly recommended but only if needs A3 prints 

Technik #02 - Backlight Portrait by David Fattibene

Federica's portrait with strong sunlight in the background. The main idea was to replicate the billboard aka commercials advertisements using one reflector, pumping the post-processing & the right modeling attitude (and for this Federica is really good :) )

This pictures had also the intent to test the reflector over with a stand up model. The conclusion is that it might be a little small, for this type of photography the bigger model will be really appreciated.


  1. Clarity (+50) in order to get a quick impression
  2. Cropping Square
  3. Brush Stroke over the body to increase the exposure (+0.33)
  4. Push the White Slider to increase the overall luminosity

Plus other small tweaks..