Best Camera is: Use It + Post-Processing + Crop by David Fattibene

Post processing & Cropping with Lightroom

The Best Camera is the One You have with You and You are Willing to Use

The picture above represent the typical image taken by accident, my camera was in the bag, an after 30min walking I've decided to take ii out and, at least, hang it to my shoulder. Few minutes later I took the picture below, then, during post-processing, I've tried a black & white + horizontal aspect and I liked even more.

Technik Point

On the right the original image and above the post-pressed and cropped version

  • Exposure +1 EV
  • Whites +30
  • Clarity +60
  • Tone Curve: Medium Contrast
  • Vignetting -40
  • Sharpening +45
  • Local adjustments on the dog's eyes and face

L'arte in Kantiere: Lei non sa chi sono io by David Fattibene

"Lei non sa chi sono io" is a small project that would like to show some of the great young people behind Kantiere's Associations. They are all deeply involved in social projects such as education, legality and promotion of the local realities.

This year, among many other events, they are participating to Sentiero D'Arte, an international art exhibition in Trarego (VB, Italy) and I had the chance to be invited so I decided to prepare a series of "simple" portrait of this great new generation.

Lei non sa chi sono io @Sentiero D'Arte

Hiking: Monte Faie' by David Fattibene

Fifteen minutes away from Verbania, Monte Faie' is a nice hike with very beautiful trees and panorama (http://www.davidfattibene.com/blog/2013/1/7/hicking-02-monte-faie)

My Self taken by Federica Fili

My Self taken by Federica Fili

The way up to Monte Faie'

The way up to Monte Faie'

Back to Basics: Flash Photography #3 by David Fattibene

Here the third attempt, with a split light setup and blue/red gels


Technik Point

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 19.49.51.png
  • Flash configuration: Split Light
  • SB910 on right with Blue Gel
  • SB600 on the left with Red Gel & Umbrella






Playing with White Balance

One day I will write my own essay on "why we should always shoot RAW", but this is an other story. The shoots below are the same as before, the only difference is where I have picked the white balance (in these pictures directly on my jumper white lace). 

Next time I will try on open air in order to give a different color on the background.

Back to Basics: Flash Photography #2 by David Fattibene

Here the second attempt, focusing on Butterfly Light, Side Light with one and two speed lights (See below the pictures the Flash Diagram. 

This time I have chosen a portrait orientation and the orange wall in my dining room, the special one with the bowl and the knife is a special thanks to Alessandro Vecchi and his "Don Chisciotte...keep fighting..." which I found really inspirational


Below the Lighting Diagram, I have putted together the 3 schemas

  1. Butterfly Light use only the SB660 + Umbrella in frontal position
  2. Side Light with one or 2 speedlights
Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 21.55.52.png

Back to Basics: Flash Photography #1 by David Fattibene

These days in northern Italy is pouring rain, so I've decided that is the good time for "Back to Basics". Just take the time for testing different lighting configuration and lighting modifiers (Softbox, Umbrella & Reflector)

I'm not focusing on correct posing of best background, one step per time, my aim is to put everything together within 2 or 3 blog post, stay tuned.

Technik Point

One Flash Setup

  • Key Light: Umbrella diffuser + SB600
  • Fill Light: Silver Reflector


Two Flash Setup

  • Key Light: Umbrella diffuser + SB600
  • Fill Light: Silver Reflector
  • Back Light: SB910

Al Kantiere non si skappa by David Fattibene

Beginning of the 2014 season of the Kantiere Association.  

Technik Point

Two speed lights with umbrella & soft box to get smoother shadows


The Best Camera is ... #06 - Take THE Camera by David Fattibene

There are many cameras on the market, by the way the heavy and cumbersome DSLR Full Frame coupled with a really fast lens (50mm f1.4) will always deliver amazing shoots.

The Mime in Prague

Technik Point

  • Bring your camera with the 50mm and keep it in Aperture Mode (or manual) at f2.0
  • Post process in LR4 (Black & White + Adjustment brush over the face with clarity +20)

StudiAperti Ameno - Giancarlo Bedoni by David Fattibene

Giancarlo Bedoni vive e lavora ad Ameno, paese in cui per anni è stato portalettere. Nel 1940 anni inizia l’apprendistato da falegname nella bottega di Pontiroli Angelo a Lortallo, poi si avvicina alla tecnica del restauro frequentando la bottega Rosati a Orta San Giulio.

Casa Giazzi, Via Topini - Ameno

Source (StudiAperti Art Festival