iPhone Home Button by David Fattibene

It happened 2 days ago, after 5 year of glorious usage. Anyway, it gave me the opportunity to try and improve the light painting technique (Check out DPMagazine Video on Youtube)

iPhone 3G  (2008 - 2013)

Technik Point

Ingredients: Dark Background, Led Lamp, Light modifier (Blue Gel used for speedlights), Tripod

  1. Set the micro studio scene & put the camera on the tripod
  2. Camera settings: Manual Focus mode, 6" f16, ISO100, 2sec timer to avoid camera shake
  3. Adjust the composition & pre-visualize the shoot
  4. Press the shutter and "paint" with the led lamp (check the video below from DPMagazine
  5. Repeat several time till you get it right

For the shoot above it took me around 30 shoots plus a little post-processing in LR