Technik #02 - Backlight Portrait by David Fattibene

Federica's portrait with strong sunlight in the background. The main idea was to replicate the billboard aka commercials advertisements using one reflector, pumping the post-processing & the right modeling attitude (and for this Federica is really good :) )

This pictures had also the intent to test the reflector over with a stand up model. The conclusion is that it might be a little small, for this type of photography the bigger model will be really appreciated.


  1. Clarity (+50) in order to get a quick impression
  2. Cropping Square
  3. Brush Stroke over the body to increase the exposure (+0.33)
  4. Push the White Slider to increase the overall luminosity

Plus other small tweaks..

Technik #01 - Lastolite Trigrip First Impression by David Fattibene


I've finally decided to buy a reflector, I've wondered for several weeks, then I've found a good deal on amazon, a couple of clicks and few days later I've received it. i have choosen the Lastolite Trigrip for a simple reason, it seamed to me clever to have an hadle to hold it during shooting sessions.

The tricky part is to learn how to fold it, last sunday I did it twice in a row.. but honestly I have no clue how to repeat it... will see next time.


The shoots in this post  are taken using the Lastolite Trigrip on the floor leaning on my legs, keeping the sun on the subject's shoulder in order to highlight the hair and create a separation with the background.

As shown above it is very effective  the result are as expected with a slightly warm dominant due to the Sunfire side.

Next time I might post the same picture taken with the Sunfire side and Silver Side to highlight the difference, stay tuned

Hasselblad Exposed #03 by David Fattibene

Here we are, after the first post end of september, I finally got the scanned negatives, just took me  nearly 1 month to rebuilt the entire logistic (develop, wait, handling, etc...)

They look RETRO-Fantastic, with a slight 70's style, I love them and the Kodak Frame around is amazing!

Technik Point

From a pure technical POV I'm really not that happy with the scanned results, but for now I can't really figure out the problem

  • is the negatives too old (1994) which push me to the Histogram limits in Ps
  • is the exposure correct 
  • is the scanner right for this type of work
  • is the scanning method correct
As soon I will have some free time I will try to shoot them with a macro lens and then edit the Raw file directly in Lr

Hasselblad Exposed #02 by David Fattibene

Here the first result... No exposure meter, only the old f16 rule & Kodak Gold 200 (1994)

Technik Point

Just used the Mac Air as lightscreen, as soon as I'll find a scanner I will upload them correctly

to be continued ...