Travel: Apulia Lecce & Gallipoli by David Fattibene


Lecce is a historic city of 95,200 inhabitants in southern Italy, the capital of the province of Lecce, the second province in the region by population, as well as one of the most important cities of Puglia. It is the main city of the Salentine Peninsula, a sub-peninsula at the heel of the Italian Peninsula and is over 2,000 years old

Because of the rich Baroque architectural monuments found in the city, Lecce is commonly nicknamed "The Florence of the South". 

source: Wikipedia


Gallipoli (Greek: Kallipolis (Καλλίπολις), meaning "Beautiful City") is a town and comune of 20,969 inhabitants in the province of Lecce, in Apulia, southern Italy. The old town is located on a limestone island, linked to the mainland by a bridge built in the 16th century.

source: Wikipedia

Casual Shoots in Domodossola by David Fattibene

Domodossola is a little town on the far north on Italy, we were walking around waiting for the beginning of FERA Teatro performance.

Technik Point

  • Hand held shoots
  • ISO 800 1/10th f4 with VR on

Next time I will bring my tripod, yesterday was a kind of "spray & pray" trial

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Published Twice - San Li Tun Nan by David Fattibene

One photo, double publication!

San Li Tun Nan is one of the newest (in 2011) commercial district in Beijing, started in 2008 and stopped right after the Olympic Game Euphoria. It has been accomplished end of 2010. For me it represents the typical example of speculation now running in the Capital.


Freiburger Nachrichten, 28 June 2013


Notestein Newsletter, March 2012

Original shoot

The Best Camera is ... #05 - Milano with Friends! by David Fattibene

Last Sunday we took the chance to visit Robert Doisneau exhibition in Milan, after that we spent some hours walking in Milan downtown where I had the pleasure to shoot some street photography together with friends who are always a great source of inspiration.