Published Twice - San Li Tun Nan by David Fattibene

One photo, double publication!

San Li Tun Nan is one of the newest (in 2011) commercial district in Beijing, started in 2008 and stopped right after the Olympic Game Euphoria. It has been accomplished end of 2010. For me it represents the typical example of speculation now running in the Capital.


Freiburger Nachrichten, 28 June 2013


Notestein Newsletter, March 2012

Original shoot

People #01 - Chinese Evening Activities by David Fattibene

A little serie of 5 pictures taken in Gulou, Beijing (aka Beer Plaza, here we spent wonderful evenings ruling the world with a couple of Cold Qingdao Beer)

Those represent a quick snapshot of the evening exercises that many Chinese still practice in the summer time

Cover Story #01 - Tanks in 798 by David Fattibene

I and a friends we decided to have a photo walk inside the famous Beijing Art Distric 798, the weather was amazing and we had a couple of nice shoots. One of those has been the tanks at sunset, I've just waited a little in order to get the shadow of the stairs on the metallic wall, then the sun and the rust did the job. I've added also a vertical shoot version