Hiking: Monte Faie' by David Fattibene

Fifteen minutes away from Verbania, Monte Faie' is a nice hike with very beautiful trees and panorama (http://www.davidfattibene.com/blog/2013/1/7/hicking-02-monte-faie)

My Self taken by Federica Fili

My Self taken by Federica Fili

The way up to Monte Faie'

The way up to Monte Faie'

Cover Story #04 - Alpe Crampiolo by David Fattibene

That day we really chased the Sun, and finally we got it! Then shooting became really easy

Below a selection from that day

Technik #02 - Backlight Portrait by David Fattibene

Federica's portrait with strong sunlight in the background. The main idea was to replicate the billboard aka commercials advertisements using one reflector, pumping the post-processing & the right modeling attitude (and for this Federica is really good :) )

This pictures had also the intent to test the reflector over with a stand up model. The conclusion is that it might be a little small, for this type of photography the bigger model will be really appreciated.


  1. Clarity (+50) in order to get a quick impression
  2. Cropping Square
  3. Brush Stroke over the body to increase the exposure (+0.33)
  4. Push the White Slider to increase the overall luminosity

Plus other small tweaks..

Post-Processing #02 - Before/After by David Fattibene

Nearly at the end of Badaling tour, nobody was there... (follow the link to feel the difference)

Badaling Great Wall, Before & After postprocessing

Technik Point

When I first looked at the picture I was a kind of scared... here we are again.. nothing will comes out from that raw file.. I needed a couple of months to think about it again, then I tried to post process them

  1. Warmer increasing the white balance temperature
  2. Graduated Filter in order to brings out the great wall on the foreground
  3. Clarity, Saturation & final exposure fine tuning

Hiking #01 - Monte Morissolo by David Fattibene

Here a selection of pictures from the colorful hiking to Monte Morissolo on Sunday 21 Oct

Special Thanks to http://www.esplorazione.net/ which gave the idea (Check the Website, there are plenty of other hikes to discover)

Technik Point

During the day I tried a couple of shoots with Brenizer Effect (http://www.ryanbrenizer.com/category/brenizer-method/), I need work more on the right lens to use, by the way it is a really promising effect for wedding and people pictures. (to be continued)