Best Camera is: Use It + Post-Processing + Crop / by David Fattibene

Post processing & Cropping with Lightroom

The Best Camera is the One You have with You and You are Willing to Use

The picture above represent the typical image taken by accident, my camera was in the bag, an after 30min walking I've decided to take ii out and, at least, hang it to my shoulder. Few minutes later I took the picture below, then, during post-processing, I've tried a black & white + horizontal aspect and I liked even more.

Technik Point

On the right the original image and above the post-pressed and cropped version

  • Exposure +1 EV
  • Whites +30
  • Clarity +60
  • Tone Curve: Medium Contrast
  • Vignetting -40
  • Sharpening +45
  • Local adjustments on the dog's eyes and face