The Best Camera is ... #04 - Get Inspiration! / by David Fattibene

Last friday I went to an interesting Photo Exhibition held by Marlin Dedaj (500px personal page), AnimeINNebbia (Fbk Link for more info)

Here the Italian Intro: "Anime iNNebbia" mostra fotografica Fine-Art di Marlin Dedaj. L'essenza della fotografia sui candidi toni della nebbia. Mirando a cancellare la nitidezza nella sua più forte forma, ridà spazio all'immaginazione visiva nell'attimo in cui si osserva.

This really nice photo exhibition gave me inspiration, and today walking in the nearby woods I've found the subjects to make the inspiration real pictures


CAMERA SETTINGS AND SHOOTING TECHNIK: Set the camera in manual mode (i.e. 0.3" f22, it depends on the available light... ), prefocus on the foreground then start moving the camera from the bottom to the top and while moving push the shutter. 

POSTPROCESS: Easiest possible :) Just increase saturation, clarity & contrast...