Gear Review #01 - Nikon D600 First Impressions / by David Fattibene


25th December 2012 the Nikon D600 is officially mine! After months of internet research and hours spent wondering and talking.

In this post, after nearly 2300 shots I will try to give you some initial thought about the latest Nikon FX body released.

Handling = REALLY GOOD

I'm gonna start the review with the handling part, since the Nikon D200 I've owned before, I think is one of the most important area to take care when need to choose or change a camera. This was the most mixed feeling argument against the D600.

My Nikon D200 has a wonderful handling, with lots of buttons and a good degree of customization, the Nikon D600, reading over all possible blogs is much more the Nikon D7000, not exactly a PRO Body. By the way after a while I realized that half of the D200 buttons were useless for me and I started to thing the other way around, instead of looking for the same camera I tried to imagine will I be able to do all the same things with a different body layout? Finally the answer is yes, and day after day it's getting better and better.

Good Things: Ok button is very useful (Remember, the D200 didn't have it)

To be Improved: Ok button should be customizable in Playback Mode in order to have the 50% zoom immediately to check the focusing accuracy, please Nikon listen the forums and give it to us with the next firmware update

Performance = Really Good

I found it really responsive, with no shutter lag, the autofocus is really fast (with the 24-70 is crazy fast), probably not as fast as PRO Bodies, but finally... who cares! I'm not a sport shooter or even a bird photographer.

Resolution = Amazing

Amazing, 24Mp compared to 10Mp is totally an other league, and the FX sensor give fantastic results, even without additional sharpening.

Dynamic Range = Amazing

Just using the AUTO Mode in Lightroom you can recover easily 2 stops and maybe more, the dangerous thing is that you care less about the right exposure, you start to thing "anyway I can recover it later in post" not exaclty the right behavior.

ISO = Amazing

I'm starting using the AUTO-ISO setting while shooting for the local newspaper, really nice and useful. The camera just evaluate the focal length and the shutter speed and it adjust the ISO (I've decided to let it decide the ISO from 100 to 1600)

First Conclusions

I still have the mixed feeling when I see a D800 or similar, I see those PRO Body, and my mind wonder about them, but then I just wake up from my dreams, I think about amazing quality output and the money that I will invest in glasses and I'm totally happy with it.

Post Scriptum

I've got some oil spot, no dust... nothing really serious up to now, by the way I will post some picture in the future, just before cleaning the sensor..