Hasselblad Exposed #03 / by David Fattibene

Here we are, after the first post end of september, I finally got the scanned negatives, just took me  nearly 1 month to rebuilt the entire logistic (develop, wait, handling, etc...)

They look RETRO-Fantastic, with a slight 70's style, I love them and the Kodak Frame around is amazing!

Technik Point

From a pure technical POV I'm really not that happy with the scanned results, but for now I can't really figure out the problem

  • is the negatives too old (1994) which push me to the Histogram limits in Ps
  • is the exposure correct 
  • is the scanner right for this type of work
  • is the scanning method correct
As soon I will have some free time I will try to shoot them with a macro lens and then edit the Raw file directly in Lr