Valle Intrasca 2016 Marathon by David Fattibene

Corsa in montagna a squadre di due atleti.
Km 35,030 con dislivello di m 1.634 tra i Lago Maggiore e il Rifugio CAI Verbano Pian Cavallone.

La leggenda dei Pescatori a Cavallo - Fotografie di Alessandro Vecchi by David Fattibene

Fotografie di Alessandro Vecchi sulla tradizionale pesca dei gamberetti con il cavallo in Belgio, dichiarata patrimonio dell'UNESCO

La museo e' aperto nei giorni di martedì, giovedì e domenica alle 14:00 alle 17:00. La mostra chiuderà il 30 agosto.

Museo della Pesca, via Meriggi 32 - 6987 Caslano -

Technik: One Shot HDR by David Fattibene

One Shot HDR (High Dynamic Range) using the gradient filters, below the recipe list:

  • Shot RAW > in order to get the widest dynamic range from your camera
    • Lowest ISO possible
    • Expose for the Highlights (avoid clipping)
  • Post-Process the files with a RAW processor (Lightroom, InCamera Raw, etc...)
  • Push your files in order to find the post-processing limits
  • Do not exaggerate
  • Get a Full Frame Format Camera :)

Additional Data:

  • Global Exposure +1 EV
  • Contrast +20
  • Shadows +40
  • Clarity +80
  • Vibrance +15

Best Camera is: Use It + Post-Processing + Crop by David Fattibene

Post processing & Cropping with Lightroom

The Best Camera is the One You have with You and You are Willing to Use

The picture above represent the typical image taken by accident, my camera was in the bag, an after 30min walking I've decided to take ii out and, at least, hang it to my shoulder. Few minutes later I took the picture below, then, during post-processing, I've tried a black & white + horizontal aspect and I liked even more.

Technik Point

On the right the original image and above the post-pressed and cropped version

  • Exposure +1 EV
  • Whites +30
  • Clarity +60
  • Tone Curve: Medium Contrast
  • Vignetting -40
  • Sharpening +45
  • Local adjustments on the dog's eyes and face

Personal Website Re-Design by David Fattibene

After 2 years I've decided to Re-Design my personal website in two steps:

  1. Choose a cleaner template
  2. Re-Organize the galleries following more my actual photography style

Below you will find the biggest change in the template, the galleries are "in progress" this means that every week there will be some little improvements & changes

Rolling Cover Page with direct access to Personal Work or Personal Blog only accessible from the link

Rolling Cover Page with direct access to Personal Work or Personal Blog only accessible from the link

Personal Work access page with fullscreen pictures and drop-down menu which will easy the website navigation

Gallery page are designed horizontally, the aim is to always let the viewer discover the next picture and increase the readability of the photographic projects. 

Just some minor improvements in the blog page, Search Box, Tags, latest Instagram photos & latest blog posts

Happy new photographic year to everybody

aWWW Notebooks by David Fattibene

a Working Weekend Workshop.
"Every month I will work on a concept-A5 format-notebook and craft a limited edition of 10 numbered copies realized in just a weekend time.
The aim of the project is work with paper, prints, stamps, sticker, emboss and much more, standing on the thin line between hand made craft and industrial production." 

All notebooks are Hand Made by Davide Longaretti and the full collection can be found following the link >>

The pictures below are the result of the cooperation between me and Davide; This was the opportunity to know his creative passion.

Technik Point

All pictures are made with a single umbrella and a Nikon Speed-light.